4 May 2018

Yesterdays local election saw the Conservative Party retain control of Westminster City Council. The overall result was:
Conservative Party – 41 seats
Labour Party – 19 seats

In 2014 the result was:
Conservative Party – 44 seats
Labour Party – 16 seats

The Labour Party won all three seats in Maida Vale Ward (it was previously two Conservative, one Labour) and picked up a seat in Bayswater and West End Wards. Technically, the Conservative Party actually gained a seat from Labour based on the 2014 results as Labour won three seats in Churchill Ward in 2014 but one of those Councillors subsequently defected to the Conservatives and, against many expectations, won as a Conservative this time around.

A full breakdown of the result is available from the City Councils website by clicking here

The Conservative Group on the Council will now elect the Leader and Deputy Leader and the Leader will chose who their Cabinet is to be and who will get the key positions. With respect to planning and development, the Conservative Party manifesto said:

– Residents will now be able to speak at Committee and ‘will be given a greater say at an earlier stage’

– A report from the cross-party Standards Committee will report to Full Council in July with recommendations about ‘when it is appropriate for councillors to meet with developers, lobbyists etc’.

The new Cabinet Member for Planning (previous Cabinet Member Daniel Astaire stood down at the election) will also need to consider the draft Local Plan and the Council’s proposed tall-building strategy.