Manifesto for Growth: Post Brexit

24 January 2017

A flagship research piece produced by WPA and sister organisation CPA, ‘Manifesto for Growth: Post Brexit’ sets out a plan for keeping London, and with it the UK, globally competitive following Brexit, in a series of recommendations aimed at the Government, Mayor of London and local leaders.

The Manifesto sets out five key pillars of growth which are:

Pillar 1 – UK Collaboration: Aid the London property sector to work with counterparts across UK cities to increase collaboration, share knowledge and promote a greater understanding.
Pillar 2 – London’s Role: Put London at the heart of the Brexit negotiations to ensure that its interests are understood, accepted and promoted by the UK negotiating team.
Pillar 3 – Infrastructure and Environment: Invest in world class infrastructure and create a healthy environment for residents, employees and visitors.
Pillar 4 – Homes and Workspaces: Provide the homes that London needs and the modern workspaces for its businesses.
Pillar 5 – Future Workforce: Provide the skills needed to build London and to attract and grow businesses.

Download the research here.