Response to Westminster City Council Building Height Consultation

WPA has responded to Westminster City Council’s consultation on building height and future growth.

Our response in summary:

  • Recognises and supports the distinction drawn within the document between tall buildings and higher buildings;
  • Considers that higher buildings, as well as tall buildings in the right places, have an important role in meetings Westminster’s need for additional space;
  • Considers it essential that planning policy clearly shows where, how and to what extent buildings will be encouraged to grow;
  • Supports larger buildings and greater density across the City. Residential development beyond the CAZ has a key role to play;
  • Supports an extension of the Core CAZ, to at least the London Plan CAZ, if not further;
  • Supports the expansion of WESRPA;
  • Supports the extension of the Opportunity Areas;
  • Suggests a new policy designation for Westminster’s key arterial routes to deliver additional growth;
  • Emphasises the importance of ensuring a flexible approach to mixed use policy;
  • Suggests a broader review of design policies to allow a more permissive approach to infill development and rooftop alterations in those parts of the City outside of growth zones;
  • Suggests that the City Council engage with the Mayor of London to consider revisions to the LVMF;
  • Suggests recognising new employment floorspace, and new homes, as specific public benefits within the emerging City Plan.

The feedback received during the course of Westminster’s consultation will help inform its future plans for the City. The revised City Plan will be published in draft form, and consulted upon, later this year.

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